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Put the life back in your soil. Literally.

Microbiology for Home and Professional Growers

At The Worm Casting Company, we make microbe-rich worm casting products for farmers, home gardeners, and professional growers to replenish the diverse soil biology essential for plant vitality and stress tolerance. Whether you’re transitioning to regenerative practices, reducing fertilizer costs, boosting yield, or increasing resilience to stressors, we’ve got you covered.

Learn more about the fundamental role of soil microbes in plant root architecture, nutrient availability and soil health.

Worm Castings

Microbe-rich worm casting products for soil restoration and resilient yield.

Wormcast Extract & Tea Equipment

Make your castings go further with liquid application of extracts and brews.

Composting Worms

African Nightcrawler composting worms directly from the source.
Brian Carney designed the modular vermicomposting system used at The Worm Casting Company

Welcome to The Worm Casting Company

The art and science of agriculture is at the core of what we do, but so are the growers we design and make products for. Our modular vermicomposting system, custom designed harvesting equipment, and technical know-how enables us to continually innovate and develop customized products that solve real-world problems.

Business To Business

Bulk worm castings for wholesale or large agricultural or horticultural applications.

Bulk Wholesale for Repackaging

Custom design or blending of worm casting, vermicast, vermicompost, biochar or vermichar products

Custom Products and Blending

Dropship program for worm castings and African Nightcrawlers

Dropship Programs

As one of the largest vermicompost worm farms in the country, we are capable of supplying large amounts of consistent and high quality worm castings, scaling operations or customizing products to meet customer needs. We offer bulk castings at wholesale price, dropship programs for castings and worms, and product customization to meet the specific needs of farmers, landscapers and professional growers. Contact us for pricing and more information.

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