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Our Story

We are The Worm Casting Company

It's All About the Microbiology

At The Worm Casting Company, everything is about pursuing the best microbiology in a worm casting for soil health and productivity. Healthy soil is one of the most diverse microbial ecosystems in the world. These microbial communities are critical to providing plants with nutrients and metabolites essential for growth, nutritional value and healthy resilience to stressors.

As a biological agriculture company, products that make sense for the soil are at the heart of what we do, and we’re only successful when farmers, growers and land stewards get the results they need.

Brian Carney, Owner of The Worm Casting Company

Brian Carney

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Brian knows first-hand how hard it is to build a successful worm farm business from the ground up. While no longer a one-man operation, he continues to lead all aspects of production and equipment design while spearheading new product development and improvements. Prior to starting the worm farm, Brian worked as a professional landscape architect and garden center manager. He holds a Bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Sara Carney, Head of Research and Partnerships for The Worm Casting Company

Sara Carney, PhD

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Sara joined her brother at The Worm Casting Company in 2021 to focus on the company’s product research and partnership efforts in agriculture and other spaces. Prior to joining the worm farm, Sara worked as a research scientist and corporate leader of technical and product integrity functions. She holds a Bachelor degree in Biology from St. Norbert College and a PhD in Molecular and Environmental Toxicology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Principals' grandfather on his farm evaluating the soil

Our History

Soil Stewardship is in Our Roots

Farming and land stewardship has been integral to our family for generations. Our passion is farm viability grounded in care for the soil and regenerative agriculture practices.

Founded in 2010 as Carney’s Crawlers, LLC, the company began with the purchase of some worm farming equipment, a little technology and about 12,000 worms. Over a decade later, through hard work and an inventive mindset, The Worm Casting Company has grown to become one of the largest producers of worm casting products and African Nightcrawler worms in the country.

We’re committed to staying at the forefront of soil health biology to partner with farmers and growers in their pursuit of agronomic performance and long-term soil health.