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Refund & Returns Policy

Please inspect your order immediately upon delivery. If any items are missing or damaged, please contact us at [email protected] or (920) 687-7338.

Products eligible for return and refund must be made within 30 days from the receipt of the items. All returned items must be unused, in the original packaging, and in the same condition in which you received it.

Shipping and handling fees are nonrefundable, and customers are responsible for all return shipping costs. Proof of purchase is required and refunds may take up to 6-8 weeks to process.

Earthworm Casting Products:
Orders for worm castings that are cancelled before shipment will be refunded. We accept returns within 30 days of delivery of the product, except for bulk items.

Tea & Extract Equipment and Supplies:
Orders for equipment and supplies that are cancelled before fabrication begins and before shipment will be refunded. We accept returns within 30 days of delivery of the product.

The GEOTEA GT250 and Transfer Pump Kit are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship by the manufacturer, Greater Earth Organics, LLC, which must be reported within 30 days from date of receipt.

Composting Worms:
Orders for worms placed and cancelled in the same week before Sunday at 12 pm CT will be refunded.

There are no refunds or returns for shipped worms, but damaged or dead worms will be replaced the following week. However, providing an incorrect shipping address, failure to accept the worms on first delivery, leaving the box outside in temperatures below 60 degrees F or above 90 degrees F, or failure to pick up the worms within 24 hours from the Post Office will void the Live Arrival Guarantee and not qualify for replacement.

Any issues must be reported the same day of postal delivery to [email protected] or (920) 687-7338. Please provide a photo of damaged or dead worms.