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Earthworm Casting Products

Microbe-rich Castings for Every Application

Earthworm castings are highly enriched with the microbial populations native to soil and essential for plant vitality. Produced here on our farm every week, our worm casting products are excellent soil additives to help restore or maintain the soil microbiome across a wide range of agricultural and horticultural applications.

We offer worm castings harvested from adult worms that are optimal for blending in soil and growing media, finer grain castings harvested from juveniles that are optimal for liquid preparations, and castings blended with screened vermicompost for higher flowability in broadcast or top applications.

Biological Extract & TEA Equipment

Make Your Castings Go Further

The Worm Casting Company makes concentrated biological extract from our own worm castings and distributes GEOTEA Machines and accessories for extracting microbes and nutrients for liquid application. Designed and manufactured by Greater Earth Organics, the mid-sized GEOTEA System is widely preferred by farmers, horticulture professionals and serious gardeners for its effectiveness, ease of use, and scalability.

GEOTEA Machines are designed and built to perform season after season with minimal maintenance and can be set up in modular systems to accommodate any output requirements. 

Composting Worms

Born and Bred on Our Farm

African Nightcrawlers (Eudrilus eugenia) are highly efficient vermicomposters that rapidly convert large amounts of feedstock into high quality and uniform castings. Because African Nightcrawlers thrive in warmer temperatures and humidity, they are optimal for composting in moderate climates or climate-controlled indoor spaces.