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Modified IBC Tote


275 gallon IBC tote specially modified to fit the GEOTEA GT250 Machine and serve as the extraction or brewing vessel.

The heavy duty galvanized steel cage of the tote supports the GEOTEA GT250 Machine. The extractor dome and aeration system fit through an opening designed into the top of the tote.

With rounded corners, the interior of the vessel is easy to rinse clean and does not hamper water movement during extraction or brewing.  If the tote becomes damaged or scratched over time, it is inexpensive to replace.

Do you already have a spare IBC tote or can find one locally? Contact us for instructions on how to modify your own tote to fit the GEOTEA GT250 Machine.

Additional Information

These reconditioned 275 gallon IBC totes are modified on the top to fit the GEOTEA GT250 Machine. The tank outlets have a 2 inch valve with camlock quick release fitting.