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Bulk Earthworm Castings


Bulk packaging of 1.9 cubic yds / 1 ton of microbe-rich castings from adult earthworms, screened from finished vermicompost through a 1/8” inch mesh hardware cloth, for large scale applications.

These standard grain castings from adult worms are ideal for blending directly into soils and growing media, broadcast, and in-furrow applications to supply a broad diversity of beneficial soil microorganisms and help make nutrients more available for plant uptake.

Bulk castings come in an FIBC tote, palletized and delivered via freight. Contact us directly for local pick-up or to place orders of more than 4 pallets or full truckload orders.

Additional Information

Worm castings harvested from adult earthworms, optimal for blending in soil and growing media, broadcast and in-furrow applications.