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Earthworm Castings


Microbe-rich castings from adult earthworms, screened from finished vermicompost through a 1/8” inch mesh hardware cloth for high purity.

These standard grain castings from adult worms are ideal for blending directly into soils and growing media to supply a broad diversity of beneficial soil microorganisms and help make nutrients more available for plant uptake.

OMRI-Listed for organic use. Bulk quantities available.


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Usage Guidelines

Trees, Vines & Shrubs: Before planting, blend 1 part castings with 3 parts soil. Line newly dug hole with mixture, position the plant and backfill with mixture. Periodically top dress established plants with 2 lbs castings per inch of trunk diameter, spread evenly over root zone and water.

Vegetables, Annual & Perennials: Before seeding or transplanting, blend 1 part castings with 4 parts soil or growing media. Periodically side dress established plants with castings throughout the growing season.

Lawn & Turf: Before seeding, apply 30 lbs of castings per 100 sq ft of topsoil. Blend lightly into topsoil, mix in grass seed and water well. Once established, top dress with 15 lbs of castings per 100 sq ft 2-3 times per year.