TWCC was formerly Carney’s Crawlers, but we’re the same business, people, products and services under a new name.

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African Nightcrawler Composting Worms


African Nightcrawlers (Eudrilus eugenia) are exceptional composting worms, converting copious amounts of feedstock bedding into high quality castings in just a few weeks.

For vermicomposting, we recommend a density of 100 African Nightcrawlers per gallon of feedstock bedding material. These earthworms are larger than most other composting breeds, so expect approximately 300 worms per pound.

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Additional Information

Breeding Stock
All our worms are bred, hatched and raised here at the farm on the same high quality bedding we use to produce castings.

African Nightcrawlers do like it warm. They live comfortably and breed at temperatures between 70 – 80 degrees F, but temperatures less than 60 degrees F or greater than 90 degrees F for extended periods of time can be fatal.