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GEOTEA GT250 Machine


The GEOTEA GT250 Machine safely and effectively extracts and multiples beneficial soil microbes from worm castings or compost into Liquid Extract or Actively Aerated Tea.

The GT250 Machine fits on a standard 275 gallon IBC tote modified on the top to accommodate the machine.

The Extractor Dome holds 1 cubic foot of worm castings or compost to make a 250 gallon batch of either Liquid Extract or Actively Aerated Tea.

GEOTEA Activator microbial food is added at the start of brewing for Actively Aerated Tea or to finished Liquid Extract just prior to application.

Additional Information

Effective extraction, aeration and ease of cleanliness are key characteristics of a high performing tea making machine.

Good quality worm castings or compost are teeming with beneficial soil microbes, mostly in a state of dormancy. It is important that a large number of representatives from each microbial group (e.g. bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes) are successfully extracted, or dislodged, from the castings or compost and transferred into the water so they can be applied to the soil.

The GEOTEA machine utilizes a Submerged Extractor Dome to maximize extraction of organisms from the casting or compost into the water. This device is unique in the industry and consists of a 12” diameter stainless steel dome that clamps on to a 40 mesh nylon bag. The mesh bag holds the castings or compost, and a 1 ½” stainless steel tube runs through the dome vertically to the bottom of the bag.

During extraction, a large volume of air is pumped down a tube to the bottom of the submerged mesh bag to vigorously agitate the castings or compost to dislodge the microbes.  Billions of microorganisms are pushed and pulled into the water, leaving the spent castings or compost behind in the mesh bag.

Dissolved oxygen levels in actively aerated tea must be maintained above 5.5 ppm during the entire brewing cycle to ensure that only the beneficial species are reproducing. The GEOTEA Machine provide optimal aeration by utilizing a high output air pump with a relatively shallow (30”) tank with a lot of surface area.  In addition, the GEOTEA Machine incorporates “wave-form technology” on the water surface to further entrain oxygen into the brewing tea.

GEOTEA Machines are made of food grade stainless steel components which are designed to be easily dis-assembled, cleaned and re-assembled so no biofilm can develop. The GEOTEA Machine uses a custom-made stainless steel air diffuser tube which doesn’t wear out, restrict airflow or clog with biofilm.